Medi-Teens Week

This one-week intensive program (offered during summer months) is dedicated to teens who wish to pursue careers in medicine. Program participants meet and interact with a variety of medical professionals to gain insight into what the various medical professions entail. Higher level program participants have an opportunity to complete application templates similar to the CommonApp and have their personal statement and two other essays overseen by a writing professional.

Since this is a very competitive program, participants will need to complete an application supplemented with transcripts and a letter of recommendation.

Participants will gain exposure to the medical careers they are most interested in order to gain insight into what it takes to reach their desired goals. Junior and senior level participants will leave with their common application materials completed, thus saving them the burden of trying to complete the application once school resumes in the fall. Parents will especially appreciate this. Students can submit their applications early in the process and increase their chances of college acceptance.