Make Your Move

Make Your Move (A Physicians Guide)

This is the ultimate physicians guide to debunk the myths of traditional medical practices.  In Make Your Move: Clinical and Non-Clinical Alternatives to the Practice of Medicine, renowned orthopedic surgeon Emily Woolcock shows us that the choice does not have to be one or the other. By sharing her story of the process used to tap into her passions, Dr. Emily offers stellar advice on how to overcome familiar challenges held by many physicians in medical practice. This book offers a collection of distinctive choices for readers interested in making a change in the way they practice. By learning and pursuing one or more of the supplementary career options available to physicians, physicians can not only reduce their workload, but also increase their income and expand their area of experience.


The Making of A Medical Mogul

The Making of A Medical Mogul

A collection of personal accounts and expert advice from 21 Medical Moguls & their business coach, Dr. Draion Burch.


Shocking Easy Ways Audiobook

Shocking Easy Ways Audiobook



Joint Nutri MD Supplements

This is a powerful all natural joint supplement that contains the building blocks of healthy human cartilage. The unique proprietary blend provides relief from a variety of inflammatory complaints involving joints, muscles and ligaments. JointNutriMD™ restores youthful joints by decelerating and repairing the breakdown of cartilage. Because it is all-natural, there are no side effects and no drug interactions.


Medi-Chic Apparel

Medi-Chic Apparel

A New and Fashionable twist on lab coats. No longer will medical professionals have to wear non-flattering, one-size fits all white coats. Medi-Chic lab coats are sophisticated, stylish and are designed to accentuate a variety of body shapes.  Female professionals no longer have to feel self-conscious in an ill-fitting coat.  Medi-Chic lab coats come in a variety of colors, dispelling the notion that lab coats have to be white. Medi-Chic’s uniquely designed lab coats are for the style-conscious medical professionals.

The IME Atlas

The IME Atlas was initially compiled for students of
The IME Academy to ease their transition into their new career upon completion of the course(s). It has proven to be a valuable asset to seasoned medical professionals.

The IME Atlas contains nearly 400 referral sources with detailed contact information including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and websites.

Capitalize on your passions and pursue your purpose by using your medical mastery to the fullest in the world of medicolegal medicine.