Dr. Emily Woolcock is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Total Joint Specialist and a Board-Certified Independent Medical Examiner who serves as an Advisory Board member of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. She helps physician colleagues who are disillusioned with their medical careers find alternative ways to practice within the scope of medicine while drastically increasing their income. By doing this they gain the freedom to manage their work hours as they see fit and achieve their work-life balance. Dr. Emily has shared her gift on many stages such as National Professional Network Education at Sea – United Arab Emirates,  Black History Month Program at Thomas S. Wootton High School, National Business Institute, National Professional Network Education at Sea in Australia, Maryland Association for Justice x 2, Keynote Speaker for Kings Bay Naval Station and Keynote Speaker at Wolfson High School.


Dr. Emily speaks on a variety of topics related to joint pain and work life balance, including:

Common Orthopedic Injuries In The Workplace

Dr. Woolcock discusses the most common injuries associated with Worker’s Compensation claims and a variety of ways to keep the workforce healthy and injury-free.

Great Habits for Healthy Joints

Attendees will walk away with simple fixes they can implement to ease joint discomfort and slow down the process of joint degeneration.

Surviving As A Woman In A Man’s World

Dr. Woolcock discusses the isolation and other unique stresses women endure in male-dominated fields. Attendees walk away with a greater appreciation and respect for the issues women face in these situations.

Overcoming Adversity As An African-American Physician

A discussion on the under-representation of African-American physicians in medicine and the difficulties they face. Attendees walk away with a better understanding of the disparities that exist for African American physicians.

Finding Your Why

Dr. Woolcock transparently shares how motivation and inspiration requires a sense of purpose. Attendees of this session will learn how passions provide the necessary focus and drive for a more productive life.

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