7 Tips to Avoid Texting Thumb.

Beware of how you use your cell phone. 7 Tips to Avoid Texting Thumb.

Whoever thought you could get a disease from using your cell phone? Yes, Texting Thumb is really a thing. It is a legitimate diagnosis borne out of technological advances of the 21st-century.

Texting Thumb is a form of repetitive sprain injury (RSI) that can result from prolonged text messaging. To be fair, it can also result from the prolonged use of video game controllers, handheld games and computers. It affects the thumb and wrist. It presents initially as aching and progresses to pain and popping when the thumb bends and straightens.

Our thumbs are not designed to perform repetitive gripping motions such as in texting. These repetitive motions cause microscopic tears in the muscles and tendons. The muscles contract as a result which leads to a decrease in the range of motion of the thumb. With the average person in the United States spending more than 24 hours a week texting, the incidence of Texting Thumb has risen considerably over the past several years.

Texting Thumb is incurable. The symptoms may be decreased with an anti-inflammatory agent, rest, and/or a cortisone injection. If you are starting to notice pain at the base of your thumb after texting, you have or are beginning to develop Texting Thumb. Follow these seven steps to rid yourself of the symptoms.

1. Stop texting with that hand.
2. Alternate use of hands.
3. Do not text for more than a few minutes at a time.
4. Used different fingers to text.
5. Take an anti-inflammatory agent such as JointNutriMD.
6. Perform stretching exercises of your fingers.
7. Dictate your messages.

Remember, the cell phone did not cause Texting Thumb, your use of the device did.

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